Welcome to siliconmom.com, a forum for mothers looking for words of more than one syllable, a link to the outside world, and life beyond diapers, deadlines & daycare.

I created this site in 2000 to share my observations on life in fast paced Silicon Valley, and to make a connection with mothers like you. Soon stories or blogs from other mothers made siliconmom a rich tapestry of the modern motherhood experience. The site is dedicated to all mothers. 

At siliconmom we touch on subjects that resonate for mothers: juggling career and motherhood, green living, children's health, the struggle of self identity,  education, or the simple drudgery of housework.  Whatever you're going through, remember, you are NOT ALONE!

*We feature stories/ blogs up to 750 words on the challenges, joys, and pains of being a mother. 

* I invite you to share your thoughts: email me your stories, ideas or poems. I'll help you polish, if necessary.

* The resources and links are sites we have tried, tested and think you'll love.

* Check out our books for moms: all recommended by our wonderful readers; tell us your favorites!

* If you're ready for a belly laugh, click on the Archives Spam  contest - full of deliciously funny stories!

If there's anything more you'd like to see, let us know. . Grab a cuppa and enjoy the read!

Cheers, Alison van Diggelen
Editor www.siliconmom.com

ps as the threat of global warming gets bigger, I urge you to take action. Margaret Mead's wisdom is so apt: never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. For more info, check out the green moms button

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