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Elaine Alquist, State Senator in a siliconmom exclusive  discusses the challenges of being a mom and having a career
Sandra Bergeron, successful valley techy is now empowering young women. Her story will inspire tens of  thousands
Penny Herscher: British expat's adventures in Silicon Valley
Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO and mother of four is an expert at connecting SV people
Candace Brown Elliott - she started out selling lemons, found tech and now flies her own plane
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Stephanie Tilenius top VP at eBay's Paypal is well known for her good work life balance
Nilofer Merchant may have a lot in common with Wonder Woman, but she's making it real in Los Gatos
Patricia Mahan, Mayor of Santa Clara manages her law practice, city issues and still has time for her beloved Harley Davidson.
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NEW! Exclusive Q and A with Elaine Alquist, State Senator and proud Greek-American mom
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